Gather windows machine statistics from a Windows Server environment

To get started you will need to have Tidal Tools installed. You can check out this article on how to install it.

Tidal sync supports many server inventory management tools such as VMWare, HyperV, and more. Here we outline the process to sync your HyperV to Tidal Migrations.


This is a simple and effective way to gather machine statistics (RAM, Storage, CPU) from a Windows Server environment. It uses WinRM to Invoke-Command across your servers, creating a JSON file to securely send to your Tidal Migrations instance using the tidal command.

Requirements and Dependencies

Prior to the steps on syncing your hypervisors, be sure to have the below dependencies setup:

Running the Script

Start syncing your HyperV with Tidal Migrations, by running the script: runner.ps1.

  1. It will prompt you to set your username.

  2. Then, run the script: save_password.ps1 and enter your password when prompted. This will save your credentials securely in a text file.

  3. Save a list of the server hostnames that you would like to sync in a file called: servers.txt. The data of these servers will be shown in a table, with numerical values rounded to the nearest second decimal.

And there you have it! Your HyperV servers will be synced to Tidal Migrations.