Use Tidal Tools source code analysis feature to measure your application code bases for cloud PaaS migration difficulty.

Tidal Analyze Source Code

Not sure how ready you are to move to the cloud? With Tidal Migrations you have the option to analyze your specified source code associated with the applications.

The analysis will identify the difficulty to migrate your applications to the cloud, including the number of blocking issues identified. It is able to analyze source code written in C#, COBOL, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Microsoft Transact-SQL, PHP, Python, Swift, TypeScript, VB.Net.

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Roadblocks slow down your cloud migration journey, by identifying the total number of roadblocks in your source code, you are able to instantly determine which applications should be prioritized over others from a technical difficulty perspective.

Migration Difficulty

Migration difficulty tracks each application’s readiness for a Paas system in the cloud. This percentage lets you identify which applications are easier or harder based on the implementation details and application structure.

With these 2 key numbers, stay alert and build the smartest roadmap to the cloud.


To determine how ready an application is for a cloud migration there are over 190 different factors across all the languages (C#, VB/, Java, T-SQL, Python and PHP) that are considered. An example of some of the criteria that are considered include:

  • Using the file system
  • Using system DLLs
  • Using hardcoded IP addresses
  • Using Access Control Lists

The analysis will look at all of these factors and determine an overall migration difficulty.

Getting Started

After having installed Tidal Tools, analyze your source code and rank your applications by Migration Difficulty.

  • Enable the Source Code Analysis feature for your account - - at the bottom.
  • Be sure to have logged in to your Tidal Migrations account via Tidal Tools.
  • Install Docker CE, it is compatible with most OSs, select the one you need. Version 17.12 or later will work with Tidal Tools. Why Docker?
  • You will need the application ID - You can find it in the URL bar when looking at an application. ex. If you are viewing an application in Tidal Migrations, the URL will show in this case 111 is the application ID.
  • You will also need a local copy of the source code for the application.

You are all set, you can now analyze the source code with:

cd /path/to/source-code
tidal analyze code --app-id 111

You can get the ID for your application from the end of the URL, in the address bar in your browser, when viewing the application in Tidal Migrations online.

Once it is complete you can view your application and the newly updated data in Tidal Migrations, it can take a couple minutes for the data to be processed and uploaded.

Try it out!

Analyze your source code

Why Docker?

You need to install Docker in order to complete the source code analysis. This is because the analysis uses several system dependent software libraries so by using Docker the analysis can use those libraries without you requiring to install the correct versions and dependencies.

What about security?

The entire analysis takes place locally on your machine. The only data that is captured and sent from the analysis are the results of the analysis and metadata. No source code, files or the contents of any files on your machine are ever copied or sent anywhere.